World’s smartest Business LMS.

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World’s smartest Business LMS.

A powerful tool to bring your classroom experience online.

We rebuilt the traditional classroom from ground up to make learning efficient and management easier.

ZOD Live seamlessly brings your classroom online with advanced features like video classroom, smart attendance, one-tap assignments, and much more.

Classroom Collaboration

Close student-teacher collaboration for sharing information, to create a better classroom experience.

Content Recommendation

Well researched content curated by team of experts so you can focus on what’s important: learning.

Performance Analysis

Detailed topic wise performance analysis increases the scope for improvement.

Easy to Use

Platform designed to make learning so intuitive and easy to use, it feels just like a real classroom.

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ZOD Live helps institutes from management to learning.

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Why ZOD Live?

An easy to use collaboration platform to enhance the classroom experience ZOD Live works so well because it moves all the barriers that prevents learning. It brings the classroom even together making it very easy for teachers and students to focus on what’s important: learning.
A collaborative platform, made with years of research and hard work, with only purpose make learning fun and easy With years of research and hard work, we have developed a platform which made student-teacher collaboration easy and removed all the barriers that prevent learning.
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Technology, if channelized properly, in the field of education can bring about positive changes that education desperately needs.

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